The SAERA executive would like to invite you to its 11th annual conference hosted by the Faculty of Education, University of the Free State.

Main Conference Dates: 
29 October – 1 November 2024 
Pre-Conference Workshop (Tuesday morning, 29 October 2024) – University of the Free State, Bloemfontein Campus
Conference Main Programme (29 October – 1 November) – University of the Free State, Bloemfontein Campus


Due date for submission of abstracts: 31 July 2024

Due date for registration: 30 September 2024

Due date for payment: 30 September 2024

Submit Abstracts For 2024 SAERA Conference

The conference will be conducted as an in-person, onsite event. The keynote presentations and SIG events will be recorded for wider access.  We advise delegates who plan to attend to register early.

It is easy to reserve your place to attend the conference in-person by registering online with our registration form below. Similarly, if you plan to present at this conference, please make your submissions via our online abstract submission form below. 

Conference Theme


There is a strong interplay, subtle and conspicuous, between education ideologies and national development. The education ideology of any nation, continent or region is shaped by culture, values, beliefs, politics, and economics, among a myriad of other factors. Why are education ideologies important and how do they influence and shape national development agendas in the Global North and Global South? How have education ideologies of the North, for instance, liberalism, constructivism, and social reconstructionism, influenced curriculum ideologies of the Global South? And how have education ideologies from the Global South impacted on international discourses? How have developing countries in the Global South framed their own indigenous education ideologies which are relevant to their unique national development challenges, while remaining relevant to the global demands of the 21st century? These are some of the key questions underpinning SAERA 2024’s call for abstracts under the theme Education Ideologies and National Development.


We invite papers reflecting (but not limited) to the following subthemes:

1. Ideologies and the development of national education policies in the Global North and South.

2. Ideologies and functional education for sustainable development.

3. Ideologies and social transformation in postcolonial societies.

4. Ideological influences in the development of early childhood care and education

5. Higher education, ideologies, citizenship and leadership for sustainable education

6. Ideologies, gender discourses and social transformation

7. Personal ideologies, professional ethics, and teacher professionalism in the 21st century.

8. Obstacles and opportunities to the development of sustainable African indigenous education ideologies

9. Professional ethics and teaching for change in the 21st century.

10. Digital Literacy, information communication technology (ICT) and ideological transformation